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Flexible Ergo Seat Bucks

Interior Package Replicator VR - ErgoBucks are the new way to prove engineering and design developments from realistic view points in VR and mixed reality.

Our flexible ergo seat bucks are devices that move electrically powered to the desired vehicle position via UI input. Combined with 3D VR headset visualization, we enable rapid simulation of all types of vehicle interiors, from sports cars to vans, with realistic perception and true-to-package ergonomics.   
The ergo bucks steering wheel, seat, armrests and pedals move fully automatically to predefined or freely configurable positions. In addition, the individual positions & rotation of the steering wheel is transferred to the VR scene, as well as individual positions of seats and the other components

We deliver our Ergo Bucks to augment your design process with the latest VR tech and implement the VR tech in your IT and CGI systems or deliver ready to use IPR VR installations.